Natural Resources


 Management of natural resources is the need of the hour and therefore commands due importance in the GIS, CAD, and Software industry as well.  The technical specifications of the geographic information system (GIS) and computer-aided designing and drafting services assist in the management of natural resources.  The GIS for Natural Resource Management maps is a useful tool that helps in fast and effective decision making as they create comprehensive maps. 



we offers Spatial and Non-spatial data management services for Utilities such as Electric, Gas, Water, Telecom etc. to cater to the needs of Government and Private agencies. 

we are specialised in the creation, conversion, and maintenance of large volumes of spatial and non-spatial facilities and asset data, using customised application interfaces.  




The use of GIS in the navigation industry has been growing at a steady rate.  These days the navigation industry uses new technologies such as GIS, GPS, Remote sensing instead of traditional method of manual assimilation of data for generation of navigation content.  The GIS services assist the navigation industry in creating flawless maps.

This steep rise in the use of GIS can be credited to the rampant increase in the number of people who use computerized navigational services for everyday use.  This trend has led to the development of new and innovative geodata content services and products. we offers high quality and cost-effective navigational map data  services

Land Information System



we offers Land Information Systems (LIS) solutions and services to the State Governments, Municipalities, Local Development bodies, Urban & Town Planning Institutions, Agriculture and Forestry Departments for effective land use planning and implementation of Land Policies, Bye-laws and Regulations.



We offers solutions for mining industry for the volumetric calculation of mining activities of each and every month