About Us


Geo Informatics has well qualified industry expertise to deliver Geospatial solutions and services especially in Land Information Systems, Utility and Geology.


Land Information System


Geo Informatics offers Land Information Systems (LIS) solutions and services to the State Governments, Municipalities, Local Development bodies, Urban & Town Planning Institutions, Agriculture and Forestry Departments for effective land use planning and implementation of Land Policies, Bye-laws and Regulations.Geo Informatics  specialized on Land Information System service.

Geo Informatics offers Spatial and Non-spatial data management services for Utilities such as Electric, Gas, Water, Telecom etc. to cater to the needs of Government and Private agencies.

Geo Informatics specializes in the creation, conversion, and maintenance of large volumes of spatial and non-spatial facilities and asset data, using customized application interfaces. Geo Informatics specializes in creating large and complex Geodatabases using disparate sources of information.

Geo Informatics has an extensive expertise in various Utilities including Electric Power Transmission and has in depth knowledge of respective Data models to create Geodatabase with Asset and Facility data.



             We are a geo spatial service provider and we mainly focusing on lidar based geo spatial service. we offering high quality end products in cost effective manner.